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My Favourite Things About Christmas

It is finally that time of year, snow is not falling all around us here in Derby, just rain, what else is new?

Despite the rather boring weather, I’ve started to get in the Christmas spirit recently, I’ve been to the local Christmas market, put my tree up and done all my shopping! 

I thought it would be a good idea to talk about my favourite things about this time of year, so here goes:

1. Spending time with my friends and family, going out for dinner, watching Christmas films or doing your Christmas shopping together. I love the fact that you get to spend more time with your doing fun things with your loved ones at Christmas. 

2. Using “it’s Christmas” as an excuse for everything. Drank a whole bottle of wine? That’s fine, it’s Christmas! Ate all the chocolate? No worries, It’s Christmas!

3. Roast potatoes and bread sauce are my favourite parts of Christmas dinner, why does bread sauce only exist at Christmas? Why can’t I have it all the time? Also, why don’t people like bread sauce? Finally, did I mention I like bread sauce?

4. Having fairy lights everywhere makes me happy. I have fairy lights in my room all year long, but the fact they are suddenly all over the house is great, I wish they were up 24/7.

5. It’s socially acceptable to go out and drink more, just use the excuse that it’s your “Christmas meet up” and no one questions it. 

6. Dressing my dog up in her Christmas outfits, see pictures below.

Those are my favourite things about Christmas, why not share yours in the comments below?

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