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Hello 2020


Hi there,

Not sure if you remember me? I’m that girl who breathes through her neck and said she was going to blog more? Yeah, I’m not sure what happened to that either.

Apologies for being so quiet on the blog, but I have actually been writing, just not posting what I’ve written. I’m not sure why, but I just lost my blogging inspiration, as I was worried that I was repeating myself a lot, and didn’t want to bore you with the same old blog post every week. I can confirm that I am writing and will definitely be blogging more in 2020.

If you follow me on social media, you will know I have been searching for a job. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any work yet.

Due to my disability, I am unable to work away from home full time, so I would benefit from home-based or flexible working opportunities, however it is proving difficult for me to find a suitable job.

Therefore, I thought maybe one of the best things I can do is write about this and continue to write about living life with a disability, maybe the more I share my story the more likely I will be to find work. I’m aware this is a long shot, but you don’t know until you try right? RIGHT?

2019 was an interesting year. It wasn't a great year, but it's always important to remember the good times and looking back I can conclude that despite some sad times, 2019 was still a fairly successful year.

  • I continued to follow the mighty rams away, visiting many new stadiums, including: Ibrox, Liberty Stadium and Accrington Stanley.

  • I went to THAT Leeds away play-off semi final, an away match I will never ever forget.

  • I've made the trip to Wembley twice; once to watch the play-off final between Derby County and Aston Villa (let's not say anything else about that) and also attended my first ever England match!

  • I went to Liverpool for the weekend to enjoy some Premier League football at Goodison Park and have a tour of Anfield.

  • I started volunteering as Social Media and Communications Officer for Derby County Disabled Supporters Club.

  • I continued to write on my blog (; sharing my experience of living with a disability and hope that I have continued to raise awareness about disabled access at football stadiums.

  • Finally, I have been lucky enough to feature in many articles, including: The Derby Telegraph, The Sun, Derby County's Match Day Programme and Level Playing Field's Newsletter.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported me in 2019, wishing you all a happy and healthy 2020.

Speak soon,


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