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Let's Have A Catch Up!

Well hello there, long time no see.

I mean it's been like less than a month, so maybe I'm being a little dramatic there, but I'M BACK!

I've been a little quiet recently and you have property law to thank for that. For those of you who don't know, I have been studying the Legal Practice Course for the last 2 years, and last week I had my final exam, which I'm sooo happy about. I am officially no longer a student so I guess that means I have to like actually be an adult now? Going to University was one of the best things I did, you can read all about my uni experience here, but I am so glad to have no more exams to sit. It's not just saying goodbye to exams that I'm pleased about, I'm also happy to announce I will finally be attempting to become a full-time blogger. But before we get into the blog, we need a little bit of catch up. Despite how quiet I've been on here, I have been pretty busy, starting with volunteering for Derby County Disabled Supporters' Club. I started volunteering with the Disabled Supporters' Club in June and I am so happy to have taken on this opportunity. I am working on the clubs website and social media accounts to try and encourage younger disabled fans to join the group. If you are a derby fan and would like to find out more information, you can check out their Facebook page here and Twitter page here. It would mean the world if you could give us a like and follow to help our little community grow.

Following from this new role, I had a little interview in the Match Day Programme. This was such a great opportunity for me to have, one of the main reasons I started my blog was to talk about football and disabled access at football matches and the fact that my own football club are helping me talk about it is such an amazing feeling. Thank you so much to everyone who follows me on social media and shares my football related posts, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be getting these opportunities with the club, so thank you! Continuing with the football theme I had an interview with the Offside Rule Podcast, where I discussed why football grounds still need to tackle the problem of accessibility, you can read the article here. Additionally, I wrote a guest post for my friend Ami's blog "Undercover Superhero" about the life of a neck breather, which you can read here. This piece contributes to a series of blog posts Ami has published to raise awareness of different conditions. If you find yourself with some spare time, definitely check out her blog to read some truly inspirational stories.

So, what can you expect from me now?

As I said above, since I am no longer studying (that feels weird to say after being in education nearly my whole life) I will now be blogging full-time. This means you can expect a post from me every week, discussing a variety of topics ranging from disabled access to football to every day life with a disability. Finally, if you've been following from the start, you may remember in my introductory blog posts that I spoke about my growing obsession with all things skincare and makeup and my attempt to go cruelty free. This is still very much the case, however I am wary that people follow my blog for either disability or football related posts and may not share the same passion I do for cruelty free and vegan beauty.

Therefore, I decided to start a separate project for this particular topic. I have created a new Instagram account @alexstewarddbeauty, which will become the platform I use to talk all things beauty. So if you are interested in that, it would mean a lot if you could give me a follow. Thank you for reading this post and for sticking with me during my studies. I am really looking forward to blogging more frequently and I hope to create content you guys enjoy. Speak soon, Alex.


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