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Whitby on Wheels

I have recently gone on a family holiday to Runswick Bay, near Whitby. This was my second time visiting Whitby and I definitely recommend you visiting if you haven’t already. Although, if you’re a wheelchair user, I advise you take an electric / power wheelchair.

Whitby and the surrounding areas are an odd place disability access wise. The walk down to the bay and beaches are very steep in parts, which my Dad (who was pushing my wheelchair) was not a big fan of! It is also a bit of a bumpy ride along the cobbles of the town centre, but I personally think it is worth it, I mean you can always stop for a coffee and cake break! 

Once you’re along the sea front, access is great. You can take a walk along the sea front and down the pier at Whitby. As you walk along the sea front, there is a slope onto the beach, meaning you can avoid the steps to go onto the beach if you need.

I went during ‘off peak’ times, which means to get back into the main town the easiest thing to do was drive. Whitby has several car parks, which have some disabled spaces (not exempt from charges). 

However, if you go during the summer there is a lift from the beach up to the town, which myself and my Dad used when we visited in June 2 years ago (they allowed us to take the dog in the lift with us in case you wondered)! Therefore, if you go during the summer months you can avoid some of the steep slopes to and from the beach. 

One thing which did grab my attention about this area, was not the disabled access (which was good), but the dog access! I don’t think I’ve visited an area with so many pubs and cafes that welcome dogs, which for us is great as we always take Georgie away with us. If you are looking for a good walking holiday with your dogs, I highly recommend this area of the country. 

Apologies for the short post, but I am back from my holiday now and will be trying to post every Tuesday and some Sundays. Next week I have a guest blogger writing for me, which I’m really excited to share with you guys. 

Thanks so much for all the support so far, it means the world.

Speak Soon,


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