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Instagram Q+A

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Hey guys, how are you all?

This week I asked my Instagram followers to ask me questions, which I will answer in this blog post. I got a lot of questions, so I doubt I will answer all of them this time round, but if you enjoy this post I may do another one in the future! 

1. Favourite Derby player ever?

In my time watching Derby, my favourite player was Johnny Russell. I loved his passion for the club, you could tell he always gave it his all. He scored some great goals too. I was sad to see him leave! 

2. Do you mind when people ask about your disability?

Not at all, in fact I prefer it. I prefer it when someone asks about my disability rather than give me funny looks etc. The more people who ask the better, because it means more people will be aware of different conditions that exists, which makes life a little easier for myself and anyone else with similar conditions.

3. Did you enjoy University?

I loved uni, if I could go back today I would! I loved studying (I know I sound like such a nerd) and the social aspect, I made some great friends at University who I am still in contact with today. 

4. What is your most memorable away day with Derby?

I know it’s very recent, but I don’t think I will be forgetting Manchester United Away in the Carabao Cup any day soon! 

5. Does your tube hurt?

No, no at all. It’s been there all my life, its completely normal to me I don’t really feel it. The only time I’ve ever felt any pain is when I have had a bad cold and have some pains whilst coughing, but that’s just like you having a sore throat with a cold! 

6. What’s your favourite part of a roast dinner?

Roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and bread sauce. Always. 

7. Which restaurants have the most vegetarian food options in your opinion? 

My favourite restaurants to visit in Derby / Derbyshire include:

- Zizzi 

- Pizza Express 

- Slug and Lettuce

- Canero Lounge

- Cosy Club

- Book Cafe (They are also opening a new restaurant in Belper, which I’m very excited about!). 

I recently went to the Bulls Head in Repton, which had a great menu and good cocktails too!


8. How many stadiums have you visited?

I have visited 29 stadiums (including Pride Park), I know this because I save all my tickets! I am also going to Stoke for the first time on Wednesday, so make it 30! 

That’s it for now, I have saved the other questions to use in another blog post one day soon! Thank you for all your questions! 

Speak Soon,


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