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Accessible Norfolk

This past week I visited north Norfolk with my parents. We stayed in Southrepps, which is a lovely small village with quiet lanes and fields to walk the dog.

The cottage itself was next door to the Vernon Arms, having a pub next to your house is always a great bonus (and they had pink gin, happy days)!

We spent our week going on a lot of walks with the dog, chilling at the seaside and eating way too much food.

On one of the first days of the holiday we visited Sheringham Park, a dog friendly national trust park. Access wise, this has pretty much everything you need, there is free disabled parking, a good sized disabled toilet (however, not changing facilities if this is something you require) and a lot of wheelchair friendly paths.

Some of the trails do go over the fields and the park itself is a bit hilly in places, so get your power chairs out! But, there is a "1 and 1/2 mile sealed surface path through the parkland", which is perfectly wheelchair friendly.

I also noticed the cafe is very wheelchair friendly, with level access into the cafe itself and picnic benches which accommodate wheelchairs.

We actually walked off the beaten track a little. I think Dad, who was pushing my wheelchair regretted it! We took the coastal path which is quite a long walk that ends with a lovely view of the sea! If wheelchair access isn't a issue for you I highly recommend taking the costal path from the park!

During the week we also took a day trip to Norwich. We had a lovely day walking round the city and visiting some of the main attractions, including the cathedral and castle.

The Cathedral is very wheelchair friendly and they also let you take dogs in, which surprised me! There is a flat path round the courtyard and a lift to take you inside the cathedral, which is beautiful.

Inside there were also ramps dotted around meaning you can explore every part of the cathedral.

The castle was very accessible too, the ramp up to the castle itself is a bit steep for manual wheelchair users, but they were working on a lift outside, so that should make it easier! Inside they offer free companion tickets, and have ramps and lifts to help you make your way through the different galleries in the museum. However, once up in the castle keep on the top floor the lift was out of order, but I assume this was temporary!

I had a great week in Norfolk and it's got me excited for my next holiday! I highly recommend visiting the area, especially Norwich. If you've been before let me know your favourite places to go!

Speak soon, Alex.

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Alex Steward
Apr 24, 2019

Haha you can't be a gin Amy! Thanks so much for reading and for your comment x


Apr 24, 2019

I love pink gin! This sounds like such a lovely place to visit and I love that it was accessible too. Glad you had a lovely time!

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