• Alex Steward

2019, New Year, New Me? Probably Not...

Hey everyone,

Happy New Year, wishing you all a healthy and happy year! For the first post of the year I thought I would make a quick list of things I would like to achieve or do this year!

1. Pass my final exam on the LPC.

2. Buy a diary and actually use it.

3. Go to at least 10 more away days (I'm off to Leeds on Friday so thats 1 already)!

4. Learn sign language.

5. Get my ears re-pierced.

6. Reach 5,000 followers on social media and/or views on my blog.

7. Grow my nails.

8. Finally, I hope to make this year a happy and healthy one! Thats my mini 2019 bucket list, what's on yours?

Speak soon, Alex.


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